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2016 Logan County Solid Waste Plan Update


Zero Waste Events

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Past Zero Waste Events



Logan and neighboring Union Counties are home to Honda Manufacturing of America vehicle production facilities.  One of three plants produces Honda motorcycles, particularly the popular Honda Golden Wing. 

In recent years Honda has hosted a sizeable motorcycle rally in the two-county area called Honda Homecoming.  For three days in July about 7,000 riders converge on our communities attending many events, rides, expos, and factory tours.

Each summer 40 to 50 vendors converge on Logan County for a three day Vendor’s Fair, during which they service bikes, sell specialty items such as running lights, seats, tires, striping, clothing, t-shirts, electronic gadgets, and custom paint jobs.  The Vendor Fair attracts nearly every rider sometime during the event.

Converting to a Zero Waste Event

In 2007 the Logan County Solid Waste District joined the Homecoming planning committee and suggested the Vendor Fair could be organized as a zero waste event.  The committee bought into the idea and the first Zero Waste Event by the Solid Waste District was brought into being.

The Vendor Fair houses six or more food vendors and as many as forty-five bike part vendors bringing a wide array of goods, packaging, and waste product, generating 2.44 tons of trash that was landfilled in 2006.

Ground Rules

The Solid Waste District established ground rules for the event, including: 

  1. All food vendors had to avoid Styrofoam food service and had to use compostable flatware, plates, cups, drink containers, and even straws.  The District purchased these items and provided them to the vendors at no charge the first year to gain their cooperation.
  2. District staff members were in total control of all waste receptacles, removing most of them and designing waste stations where items could be recycled, composted, or taken to the landfill. 
  3. District staff and volunteers made hourly rounds of all vendor booths and tents to remove waste to a processing center where it could be sorted and routed to the correct end use.
  4. District staff and volunteers were present throughout the event to monitor participant behavior, change operations if necessary, and learn how best to conduct future events.

Cooperation from all the vendors was overwhelming, many of them thrilled to be able to recycle on the road, so to speak.

There were setbacks with the weather, and some design problems, but the District staff and volunteers made the event work. 


  • Dates:  July 26, 27, 28, 2007
  • Weather:  Heavy rain the first day with morning fog.
  • Location:  Ohio Hi Point Career Center, rather isolated, fenced, easily contained in a finite area.
  • Visitors:  6,000 +
  • Vendors: 42, including 6 food vendors.
  • Total waste produced:  4,240 lbs.
  • Total waste diverted from the landfill: 3,889.7 lbs.
  • Total waste taken to the landfill: 350.3 lbs.
  • Diversion rate:  91.74%
  • Material recycled: cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, metals, scrap tires.
  • Material composted:  food waste (449.2 lbs.), food service items.
  • Material delivered to others for reuse: durable plastic clothes hangers.
  • Material landfilled: unknown polymer plastics, Styrofoam (43 lbs.), hard plastic packaging.
  • Size of staff: 4 full time staff (that’s all we have), Deputy, two college interns, five inmates.
  • Construction: 10 Zero Waste Zone collection stations on the property with signage.


This event was a success. The District is planning to repeat the Zero Waste Event in 2008 with changes based on our experience. 

In 2008 the comparable event is called “Logan County Rally at the Peak” .   You may see frequent reference to “The Peek” in Logan County literature.  Logan County is the highest point in Ohio and the Ohio Hi Point Career Center is located on the highest point in the state.

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Zero Waste Breakfast

Zero Waste Pancake Breakfast Sponsored by the Kiwanis ClubBellefontaine Kiwanis Club’s Annual Pancake Breakfast yielded 30 oz. of waste for the local landfill. Under the guidance of the Solid Waste District Staff the Kiwanis Club members turned their annual fundraising breakfast into a Zero Waste Event.

Together We Can Make a Difference

Together We Can Make a Difference!


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