Recycling Center Added in Jefferson Township

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Jefferson Township Recycling Center

Zanesfield in Jefferson Township became the site of the 15th full time Recycling Center constructed by the Logan County Solid Waste District.  The Jefferson Township Trustees approached the Solid Waste District in the spring of 2013 indicating they believed a Recycling Center would be a good addition to and compatible with the recreation area that is popular with area residents.  Utilizing half of a large basketball court and added land nearby provided an excellent footprint for the construction of a full time recycling center.  Electrical connections were easily arranged through existing outlets so the Solid Waste District site designer Tom Erwin produced plans quickly and supervised construction of the Center.   One of the features of this center is the addition of steel light poles with downward facing LED lighting which gives the site a glow at night without casting light into the surrounding area.  With the typical artistic landscaping this site fits into the surrounding park setting beautifully.  Construction was rapid and the Center opened the last week of September with a large gathering of community leaders including Township Trustees Tim Tillman, Scott Armentrout and Mike Kenoyer along with County Commissioners Dustin Wickersham, Tony Core and John Bayliss.

This Recycling Center adds to the capacity of the Solid Waste District to collect more recycled materials for processing at the District MRF (material recovery facility) in Bellefontaine and places the District further along on its march toward the goal of Zero Waste to the Landfill by 2020, a goal set in 2017 by the Logan County Commissioners.


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