USDA grants Logan County Solid Waste Management District $50,000 for recycling centers.

May 25, 2008 on 10:26 am | In Grants, Logan County, Pay-As-You-Throw, Recycle, recycling center, Solid Waste District, Zero Waste | 3 Comments

The Unites States Department of Agriculture is providing $50,000 in funding to the Logan County Solid WasteFull time Recycling Center feature Management District for rural development. The matching grant will be used by the District to convert its four part-time drop-off recycling sites to full time recycling centers. The drop-off sites to be upgraded are those in West Liberty, DeGraff, Rushsylvania, and Middleburg, Ohio. Work on these sites will begin this summer with the conversions to be completed by June, 2009. Based on the success of the full-time Recycling Centers opened at Lakeview and Moundwood the District believes these improvements will dramatically increase recycling volumes and rural recycling rates, providing more convenient, and a broader range of recyling options to Logan County residents. These upgrades are part of the District plan to reach Zero Waste to the landfill within the District by 2020.


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  1. We would like to work with your county to help you recycle mattresses.

    Comment by Chuck Brickman — December 4, 2008 #

  2. What is Logan county currently doing with mattresses it receives?

    We would like to work with you to reduce your waste being sent to landfills.

    Comment by Chuck Brickman — January 3, 2009 #

  3. Hello! My name is Julie Newton and I 100% believe in recycling!!! Around where I live you have families with about 9 bags of trash every week. We are a small county and we do offer some recycling but deep in my heart it just isn’t enough. I want to know everything you all recycle. Where do you all take it. I know I could get something going if I had all the info. I want to start somewhere. At the moment we did get a grant a couple of years ago on tires. It seems to be doing well if only everyone would participate. I want to encourage residents, I want to hold recycle days on different item every month. We have great folks that live here that wouldget into it but we need more resources. We would love to hear about you. Thanks for your time. Julie Newton

    Comment by Julie Newton — January 17, 2009 #

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