U.S. Department of Labor honors Logan County National Emergency Grant Program for Best Practices

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Laurie CollinsLogan County residents won’t soon forget the January, 2005 devistating ice storm that shut the county down for day and required nearly two years to clean up the debris. The Logan County Solid Waste Management District took a lead roll in the debris clean up, first with FEMA Emergency Clean up and later through a Department of Labor National Emergency Grant. The NEG Grant Program lasted almost two years and brought $1.3 million dollars in assistant to the clean up effort. That program was administered by Laurie Collins of East Liberty.

Hired by the Solid Waste District to operate the grant she led a crew of up to 48 logging workers who cleaned debris from roadways and waterways throughout the County. Now, after reflection the Department of Labor has selected the Logan County NEG Program as aIce Storm 2005 Best Practice Program in four different areas of management. The best practice areas encompssed the recycling of all of the debris material from the ice strom, the very high rate of re-employment of the workers who entered the program,the broad range of skills taught crew members, and the overall financial management of the project that accomplished so much with a relatively low expenditure of federal funds. Pictured here is a photo to remind residents of the devistation of the ice strom and a photo of Laurie Collins, Administrator, shown in her natural habitat, summer and winter, for nearly two years. Based on her experience and the high regard she is held by the NEG she was recently hired by Putnam County to administer their NEG Grant Program after the devistating floods this winter and spring.

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  1. I am Valley Hi resident. Good Job Done!

    Comment by FA — May 29, 2008 #

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